Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Standing Team Announced

The Standing Team Committee (Don Davis, Kristin Hall and Vladimir Gusiatnikov) has selected the following orienteers for the 2009 Standing Team (Foot-O). It is from this list -- which is sub-divided into A, B, and C -- that orienteers are eligible to represent USOF in IOF sanctioned elite events.

The criteria for placement on the A, B, and C lists has not changed. They are: "A" list -- Those who, if we were naming a squad now for a major international competition, would almost certainly be included. "B" list -- Those from whom you could reasonably expect the rest of the major international squad to come from. "C" list -- Those who either lack the experience, consistency or fitness because of a lack of time or training program to regularly challenge those on the "A" or "B" lists -- although they can and do on any given day.

Male: (alphabetically)
A -- Eric Bone
B -- Leif Anderson, Eddie Bergeron, Boris Granovskiy, Matt Scott, Ross Smith
C -- Mark Everett, Nikolay Nachev, Wyatt Riley, Sergey Velichko, Ken Walker Jr., Sergei Zhyk

Female: (alphabetically)
A -- Hillary Saeger, Samantha Saeger, Sandra Z├╝rcher
B -- Pavlina Brautigam, Ekaterina Oerkhova
C -- Viktoria Brautigam, Alison Crocker, Cristina Luis, Erin Nielsen, Corinne Porter, Angelica Riley

Congratulations to everyone on the list!