Wednesday, February 24, 2010

US Team to WUOC Announced!

From Linda Kohn:

I am very proud to announce the selection of the World University Orienteering Championships Team to go to Borlänge, Sweden in July:

Leif Anderson, RMOC
Nick Lewis-Walls, USMAOC (declined)
John Hensley-Williams, GAOC
Brendan Shields, CSU
Keith Andersen, USMAOC
Jordan Laughlin, USMAOC
Kevin Culberg (alt.) USMAOC

Hannah Burgess, USMAOC
Holly Kuestner, BOK
Tori Borish, COC
Alison Campbell, DVOA
Lori Huberman (1st alt.) BOK
Siobhan Fleming (2nd alt.) NEOC

I hope that you will support the WUOC team as they prepare for the Championships. We have a start in raising the $7000 needed to pay entry/room/board expenses (athletes pay their own airfare) thanks to the generousity of BOK who donated the procedes from the Sycamore Scramble to the team. We still have a ways to go!

Moral support is as important as financial so please be encouraging to our athletes as they continue to prepare to represent the US at WUOC.