Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 WOC Team

Team USA is proud to announce the final standings from the 2009 Team Trials (top 5 make the team for the World Champs in Hungary)

1. Samantha Saeger, NEOC
2. Sandra Z├╝rcher, UNO
3. Pavlina Brautigam, WCOC
4. Viktoria Brautigam, WCOC
5. Cristina Luis, DVOA

6. Corinne Porter, DVOA
7. Holly Kuestner, COC
8. Angelica Riley, DVOA
9. Kat Orekhova, CSU


1. Eric Bone, COC
2. Eddie Bergeron, SVO
3. Ross Smith, CSU
4. Boris Granovskiy, CSU
5. Wyatt Riley, DVOA

6. Sergei Zhyk, DVOA
7. Clem McGrath, DVOA
8. Nikolay Nachev, COC
9. Leif Anderson, Samm

Thanks to BAOC and especially to course setters Mikkel Conradi, Evan Custer, and George Minarek for a great event.

And also thanks to Greg Lennon and Quantico OC for their unexpected and wonderful donation of $2,000 to the Team Fund to help pay for WOC expenses.


PS. Let me add a few more thank-yous to folks who made the Trials a great event ‹ Meet directors Rex Winterbottom and Scott Aster and all their helpers, WRE event advisor Vladimir Gusiatnikov, BAOC mapping guru Bob Cooley, special course consultant for the Trials courses Eric Weyman, and Wyatt Riley, liaison between the Team and the organizers.

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