Monday, January 18, 2010

Western Regional Ultimate String-O Champs

This past weekend, US Team members organized a creative fundraiser at the event at Anza-Borrego State Park near San Diego, CA. We would like to present to you the Western Regional Ultimate String-O Championships:

Approximately 40 gutsy orienteering runners came out to challenge Marc Lauenstein and Daniel Hubmann in the Sonoran Desert Ultimate String-O Championships. The demanding .176km, 20 control course had a grueling 4m of climb and an exciting variety of terrain. Top runs of the day:

Daniel Hubmann (SUI): 49s (5th attempt)
Jonas Kjall (SWE): 54s (2nd attempt)
Marc Lauenstein (SUI): 55s (3rd attempt)
Raffael Huber (SUI): 55s (1st attempt)
Eric Bone (USA): 58s (2nd attempt)
Mark Everett (USA): 59s (1st attempt)
Greg Walker (USA): 59s (2nd attempt)
Highlights from the Ultimate String-O event at Anza-Borrego.

A promising Junior-Junior by the name of Beau wowed spectators with his determination and punching ability on all four of his sub-2:00 runs. Fans were also impressed by the smooth punching and speed of multiple World Champion Daniel "Punchmaster" Hubmann. But the style points go to Marc "Flashpants" Lauenstein, whose triple muntz jump over a particularly large creosote bush drew gasps from the crowd.

Competitors and spectators alike all agree that Ultimate String-O is here to stay.

Jonas Kjäll

Greg "Biggins" Walker

Eric Bone - fastest North American




Ross said...

sweet! Did this competition come with a map? I notice most of the photos feature runners w/o maps :) if there is anything more hardcore than championship string-o it's memory championship string-o :)

cmorse said...

So is Marc changing his nickname to String Cheese?

Mary Jo said...

Those Swiss have been practicing. There was a string course set up at the Swiss O Week last summer--bet they used it to train. Perhaps we should add a String-O series to the Sprint series.