Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wicked tough long at JWOC...

The US Juniors all survived a very tough Long distance race yesterday at Svinkløv. The terrain was more or less what we expected - very thick, with lots of trails and lots of small contour details. Throw in some brutal climbs and you get a tough course! Top US runners for the day were Greg Ahlswede and Alison Campbell:

1. Ida Bobach (Denmark) 1:01:55
91. Alison Campbell (USA) 1:38:21
97. Holly Kuestner (USA) 1:42:39
102. Hannah Burgess (USA) 1:46:40

1. Pavel Kubat (Czech Republic) 1:18:48
92. Greg Ahlswede (USA) 1:46:56
109. Andrew Childs (USA) 1:54:59
114. Nate Lyons (USA) 1:57:02
115. John Williams (USA) 1:57:02
128. Keith Andersen (USA) 2:04:03
132. Carl Underwood (USA) 2:08:11

Full results here, and a map of the men's course (with top-3 routes) below:

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