Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Already the best: IOF on Ali

Someone at the IOF has noticed the great results by Ali Crocker in the past year and wrote about it here. Check it out!


Dennis Mews said...

"On the long distance race she took an amazing eight place which is the best ever individual result of any North American orienteer in IOF World Championships."

The author is forgetting of course David Irving, who was 3rd in the World Trail Orienteering Championships in Vasteras, Sweden in 2004.

Cristina said...

Actually, the author added a comment to the article two days ago about David Irving's 3rd place result.

David's result is, of course, to be commended. However, Trail-O is a completely different sport to Ski-O and O, and Ali is clearly bashing through into unknown territory for Americans.

Anonymous said...

There are two other results that get forgotten. If we are taking about North American results, then Sandy Hott's 9th place in the Middle distance in Japan (2005) and Samantha Saeger's 8th in the long distance at the Junior World champs in 1999 are both worth mentioning. Ali is an up and coming star for sure, but there have been some other pretty amazing results in the past as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sandy's result gets forgotten - it's in this article, and it often comes up as the best ever (senior) North American result.

It is true that Sam's 8th place at JWOC is sometimes overlooked, and it shouldn't be.