Sunday, April 29, 2012

Speedygoat Team Fundraiser

The US Team put on a fundraiser team sprint relay on Saturday, named the speedygoat, as the short, speedy cousin happening the day before the Billygoat.  We had a great turnout, and between entries and donations made a substantial amount of money!  Thanks everyone for showing up!

Cristina designed the courses, and Ali set and vet the controls.  Alex was registrar (wait, this is sounding like a ski-o team fundraiser... good thing there's some overlap!), though Janet Tryson did the heavy lifting, since people signed up for the speedygoat when signing up for the Billygoat.  Ed Despard did the results, and wrote the software to be able to run a two-person sprint relay.  Linda and Rick provided all the equipment.  I'm probably missing someone, but thanks all for helping out and for racing!

Ali and Ed "test running" the courses, full-on relay style.  

Ed working his magic on a computer in a cardboard box.

Andrew tagging to Kathy.  A big Canadian contingent came down to play, great to see you all!

Peter tagging to John Eric

Eric tagging off Jeff, the eventual winners.

Melanie coming in to tag Ethan (out of the photo), and Wyatt waiting for Angelica.


Giacomo and Brendan discussing the race.

Ali surveying her carefully planned chaos.

Ali and Alex.

The winners got home-made chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of chef Ali.  From left to right: 2-point (Speedy Goat), 0-point (Jeff and Eric), 4-point (Molly and Nate), 6-point (Melanie and Ethan).  

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