Thursday, August 2, 2012

What, you thought we were done?

WOC may be over, but US orienteers have been keeping busy. 

The last update to the blog was right before the relay, where Ali Crocker had an amazing opening leg, handing off to Sandra in 3rd (!) place. Sandra and Sam finished off, holding the team to an outstanding 15th place finish. This is the best relay performance by the US in modern orienteering times, and we're all quite proud of them.

The men (Eric, Boris, Giacomo) also had a solid race, with the lead switching several times in the battle against Canada. In the end, Canada got the best of us, but the men pulled off a 29th place finish, achieving their goal for the day.

US Men's relay team after almost beating Canada
As is often the case at these major events, the relay was followed directly by the banquet, where everyone is free to relax and dance the night away, and then , everyone is off again. Several members of the team were spotted in Croatia the week after WOC, racing in the fantastic Croatia Open races, while most others went home to the US.

Keep watching this space for the occasional update about training and racing throughout the year!

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