Sunday, August 10, 2014

World University Team starts at WUOC 2014

The World University Team has arrived at WUOC in the Czech Republic. The team is made up of:

Tori Borish (COC)
Alison Campbell (DVOA/Edinburgh University OC, Heriot-Watt University)
McKenzie Hudgins (USMAOC)
Giacomo Barbone (CSU)
Jacob Grant (USMAOC)
James O'Keefe (USMAOC)
Hans Sitarz (USMAOC)
Charles Whitaker (USMAOC)
Team Leader: Ian Jones

back LtoR - Jacob, James, Giacomo, Charles, Hans, Ian. Front LtoR - Tori, McKenzie, Alison

We have been training since Saturday on the middle, long and then a sprint relay today. For a middle and relay training description please see Alison's Blog post about it ( The team then went to the Long distance model map this morning which hopefully Alison will write more about in the next day or so. The main event of today though was the practice Sprint Relay event. So this format is new which involves a 4 person-mixed team running a forked sprint course. At WUOC the format is female-male-famale-male. The course today was around 2km, with an expected winning time of 8-10mins per leg. We entered one official team who ended up placing 15th (Tori Borish, Jacob Grant, Alison Campbell, Charles Whitaker), with a time of 41:23 only 5:31 off the winner. The mixed team (Rosalind Hussey of Ireland, James O'Keefe, McKenzie Hudgins, Hans Sitarz) placing 28th with a time of 45:04, 9:51 off the winner. Most teams however were using this as a learning experience as many of us have not run a sprint relay before. We learnt a lot and are excited for the real sprint relay on Tuesday.

Here are some photos from the day and some quotes from the team:

Ken: "Simple course, favored fast runners."


"Awesome experience as a team to exemplify unity and patriotism as we took on our newest competition"


"It was fun to finally race this new format. There were battles for punching"


"A nice warmup to racing and feeling confident for the week ahead of us"


"Short and sweet, the best kind of course"


"This Harvard business was a mistake... next year I'm applying to West Point! #team-matelove"


"Today built confidence and comradry amongst the team"

McKenzie @11pm:


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