Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ski Orienteering World Champs!

The U.S. ski-o team is headed to Norway, for the 2015 World Ski Orienteering Championships.  We'll be arriving in ones and twos over the weekend until everyone finally gathers in our tiny little Norwegian cabins in the woods by Monday.

The racing action starts Tuesday with a sprint relay! Get loads more information from the website.

Monday: Model event
Tuesday: Sprint relay (teams of one man and one women, each doing 3 laps and tagging off in between)
Wednesday: Sprint
Thursday: Long
Friday: rest day
Saturday: Middle
Sunday: Relay

The men's team is Ari Ofsevit (CSU), Adrian Owens (GMOC), and Greg Walker (Truckee OC).  The women's team is Stina Bridgeman (ROC), Alexandra Jospe (CSU), and Anna Voegele (Truckee OC). The junior team is Michael Laraia (MNOC), Kestrel Owens (GMOC), and Melanie Serguiev (GMOC).  The team will be guided by the fearless Cristina Luis.

To follow the races live, navigate to the live button on the website, or click here. Theoretically, there will be video, GPS streaming, and live results and splits!

(exciting ski-o photo from 2013 - team members Melanie, Anna, Alex, and Stina pictured)