Monday, August 10, 2015

Team bonding

 It's been pretty well documented that higher levels of team spirit lead to better results. In an effort to chase those better results, team USA had a team bonding session Wednesday afternoon. Team leader Ross made cookie dough, and we all rolled out, cut, and decorated cookies, generally with a Scottish theme. I think we discovered some previously hidden talents!

A great way to take our minds off of the pressure and stress in what is otherwise a very high-stress environment. Thanks for the idea, Ross!

The team getting into things. 

Some artwork - highland cows, Nessie, deciduous trees, controls...

More artwork!

This is a puffin. Ethan is really excited to see puffins. 

Giacomo made some sort of mermaid , apparently he heard there were mermaids  in Scotland. 

Alison managed to make bagpipes! And a haggis. We didn't know that was actually a critter. 

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