Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First arrivals in Miskolc!

Yesterday the first members of Team USA arrived in Hungary. Sam, Eric, and Cristina made it to Miskolc with only the slightest setback - Cristina's luggage didn't make it until the next day. We've settled into the nice accommodations at the University of Miskolc and are making ourselves at home. The weather is pleasant enough and we haven't had any trouble getting around - so far!

Today Sam, Eric, and Cristina went out for some training on middle/long qual relevant terrain, Kisfennsík, and got themselves a bit used to the terrain. Eric has been here before for a training camp, and though Sam ran in the Miskolc area for JWOC many years ago, the terrain was essentially new for both women. It was a good opportunity to get eyes and feet on the terrain and get used to the mapping.

Eric had to do a bit of shoe surgery before he could go run:

Sam preps the maps:

Ross, Clem, and Eddie arrived later today, some more jet lagged than others:


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you guys are already getting settled, and training seems very interesting. Rest up, train, and keep the posts coming! Love the pictures!

Christena said...
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