Saturday, August 15, 2009

Middle Qual Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Middle Qualifier, starting at 10am CET - that's 4am for those of you on the right coast, and 7am for those of you on the left coast. You can follow the online commentary at WorldofO, and get links to results, video, and (not free) gps tracking at the WOC 2009 site.

Today Cristina attempted to interview each of tomorrow's runners. She managed to catch them all, in one form or another, but a disastrous disk error has left her with just four "interviews": Sandra, Pavlina, Eddie, and Eric.

Wish the runners happy legs and skillful running!


Anonymous said...

Good luck all!

Start Lists and Live Results here:

Boris said...

Good luck guys!! Go USA!

Anonymous said...

Sandra is looking so swiss. It makes me want to eat gummi bears and dream swiss all the time. Good luck all and run like the paprika is on your tail!

Leif said...

Maybe looking Swiss is the solution?
Great run by Sandra in the Middle qualifier today making it into the finals on Wednesday - congrats!