Tuesday, June 28, 2011

JWOC 2011: Poland!

The whole team has arrived in Wejherowo, Poland for a week of training and general timezone adjustment. Many of us have already been here training since the weekend, but we're finally getting organized enough to tell you about it. Team USA for 2011:

  • Nate Lyons (ROC)
  • Andrew Childs (GMOC)
  • Carl Underwood (NEOC)
  • Ethan Childs (GMOC)
  • Giacomo Barbone (CSU)
  • Zach Schroeder (USMAOC)
  • Alison Campbell (DVOA)
  • Meg Parson (NEOC)
You can read all sorts of interesting things about the team on their OUSA profile page. JWOC info can be found over on the JWOC site.

Over the next two weeks we'll have training reports and race reports from what's going on over here on this side of the world, so stay tuned!

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