Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Sprint training on Saturday was fun, and fast. We woke up, went to Kuntahor. When we first got there it was an old classic medieval town. There was a Renaissance Fair going on; I tried not to let that distract me, and instead focused on our work ethic. Erin was putting tape out, so he put me in charge to warm everyone up and get things going. Our first exercise was the sprint intervals; that was pretty successful. I either held everyone off or caught the people in my group. It was a nice change of pace from running in slow forest to running in fast urban area. Then we did left and right decision making and map memorization. It was very successful. We were shown the map briefly at the beginning of each leg, and I made quick decisions before the 3-5 seconds was up . I nailed the one control that no one else got. On the final leg I had a good route choice and executed real well. Then I introduced Duncan and Jake to kebobs.

In the afternoon we headed off to the next sprint map. After making a couple 180 detours we arrived an hour after everyone. I went at a medium to hard pace, with quick route choice, and nice flow. I had a few controls I wasn’t happy about but adjusted quickly and kept going. I made some interesting route choices through construction, and kept going pretty hard; I actually lost Michael. We had a nice cool down; it was a good day. After these trainings, I felt better about the sprints. Last year I had 30-40 seconds of mistakes on the sprint; it’s challenging, especially when both the terrain and competition are fast.

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