Monday, March 21, 2011

Final Preparations

Today we had a chance to get out on (hopefully) really relevant terrain for the competitions this week. The model event took place on terrain adjacent to the competition terrain, using the same types of trails and the no-touch EMIT punching system. Here's a 1:5000 version of the model area:

We know some of you don't ski-O and are wondering about all the green lines. The dashed green lines are narrow trails (1-1.5m) made by snowmobiles. They're generally too narrow to get in a full skate, so there's a lot of double poling. The green/white boxed lines are established snowmobile trails, which here seem to be almost as wide as the groomed trails you find at resorts. Solid green lines are wide trails. Most of the skiing takes place on the green trails, since they're but you don't have to stick to them.

Tomorrow is the first race - the Sprint! Everyone's racing, so stay tuned for results and reports!

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