Thursday, March 24, 2011

Team Sprint

The team sprint was today, and Team Alligins (Ali and Biggins - the other option was Biggali) did quite well. Greg went first, and they each skied three legs. We all thought Ali was superman when she caught like ten teams on lap one, but unfortunately, that had been her short map, and the forks were quite different. We still ended up doing quite well, coming in 12th! If you think about it, this is actually remarkable - each country only gets one team, but, it's the BEST skier from each country! It was really exciting to watch, although the wind certainly made spectating a chilly activity.

The snow drifts were over the path to breakfast this morning. The groomer went leaping through it, squealing. I was very amused.

Nikolay with Greg's extra pole...

Mass start.

Greg after the turn, in the start.

The Russian fans were decked out - and their team won, which was quite the upset, as Finland had had a lead over Norway, and Russia was 20 seconds back going into the last leg.

The top four come into the tag zone.

Spain, New Zealand, and USA coming into the first tag. Ali proceeded to totally drop those girls, and we didn't see those teams again. Woo!

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