Monday, March 21, 2011

Some photos from Tänndalen

We're all settled in and ready to take ridiculous photos, and I know Ali has a couple more excellent ones that need sharing. Spirits are good around here, I think we better do some racing soon, though, to work off some of this energy.

This is in the waxing building - it has two floors, and it seems all the english-speaking countries are on the top floor (mmm, fluoro fumes!), and the big teams are below. I think we're looking down at Finland's area, there. The Americans, on the other hand, are either having way more fun or having way more technical issues with their waxing setup.

Various countries testing skis and wax, on the one tiny area of the model event that is suitable for that sort of thing.

They had the model nicely set up, with a full pre-start and download station, so you could see how it would go.

We're using touch-free EMIT, so really all you have to do is ski under the bags and sort of wave your arm. The sensor on your arm keeps flashing for five seconds or so, so you can double check to make sure you punched.

Studious. In our cozy suite.

This is the bridge that we get to ski over. Cristina was having some doubts as to whether she could make it up the steep side, but I think tomorrow we get to ski down it.

The screen at the opening ceremonies. Unfortunately, the IOF logo was all it ever displayed, unless you also count the blue screen of windows death, as they tried to get it to play a welcoming video. Whoops.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. I wish you all the best! Enjoy it out there tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Send me photos to put on the Orienteering USA website! I'm compiling Peter G's comments there.
Thanks, Janet T.
usofweb [at] gmail

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow (today?) everyone!!

Pick the right wax or whatever it is you skiers do! And no falling...

Eric Bone said...

Go Team USA!

Eric Bone said...

Go Team USA!

Leif said...

Great start to the week for the whole team! Now keep moving up in the results...