Monday, March 19, 2012

Almost in the arctic!

The ski-o team for this round of World Cups (Alex, Greg and I) has just made it to Boden, Sweden!! Boden is way far north in Sweden - we're at 65°50', just a bit shy of the Arctic Circle (66°34'). It took me a full 13h train journey (overnight) from Uppsala (where I saw teammates Ross, Sam and Boris!), while Alex and Greg opted to fly in from Stockholm.

Everyone here is talking about the spring weather, but it looks pretty darn wintry to me (there's snow, and ice, and it's below freezing!). We'll get to do the model event they've set for us tomorrow (Tuesday) then the week's races start off with a sprint on Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

I wish the whole team good luck in the races!
Yeah, spring weather it is - but I live those 13 hours south of Boden...