Thursday, March 22, 2012

World Cup Relay (Men's)

Day 2 here at Boden World Cups, the relay! As Greg's a guy, we were a Men's team, which kinda put the pressure off, since we wouldn't be so competitive. I think we were all looking forward to that, getting a bit more practice in without any WC or WRE points on the line...

Greg headed off on the first leg, here he is facing the first hill out of the stadium:
He had an alright leg, although reported that the littleness and gnarliness of the trails mighta knocked him off balance more than once. But no equipment broken, woo!

Tagged off to me, a bit behind the pack, but I was happy to start in a peaceful manner. However, I quickly ended the peace with some extreme goofing around to controls #3 and #4, ah well. The second half of my race went much better, glad to have had the time to practice out there for sure! If anyone is wondering how map exchange works in ski-o, here's a version: 

Then Alex's turn, which sounds like it went pretty well, besides one mega-lost-in-marsh control which tested her powers of relocation, it can get very disorienting out there... 

Both the Women's and Men's relays were won by home-team Sweden, with the Men's second and third going to Finland and Norway and the Women's to Norway and then Russia. Now it's chill-time until Saturday's middle distance, although we will need to wax the boards up tomorrow! 

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Linda & Rick said...

It's so good to see that you all are having such a good time and doing so make us proud!