Wednesday, July 4, 2012

JWOC report: rest day

Comments from the team:
4th of July!
This morning we reviewed old maps from each of the embargoed areas.  We got a sense for winning times, distances, and climbs. 
We walked around town, where the sprints will be held on Sunday.  We aren’t allowed to walk around with maps, so we just did a little sight-seeing.  The sprints are going to be tough because there a lot of features.  There were a lot of cars driving on the roads.  It didn’t seem as bad as Italy; more blocks are square.  There are some dead-end alleys.  Some of the entrances are tough to see; most look like doorways.  Later we looked at the old map of the town and figured out what specially marked features were, and thought about what they might potentially throw in for routes.  Thick black lines are typically fences, sometimes with gates in them.  You can see through them; we might need to be careful though they’ll probably be marked clearly as to whether you can go through them or not. 
We slept a lot better with fans!  The weather was better today.  There was thunder.  It was cooler, with some wind.  The sacrifices worked; we should offer more.   Zac:  I ordered it online.  Someone else:  Amazon weather dot com!
Our wireless internet service got a denial of service attack.  By our ISP.  The ultimate rejection!  What we think happened, after consulting with the IT guy (and he laughed about it!), is that we went over the limit and instead of just cutting off our service, they sent a denial-of-service attack.  This was probably  due to our stress test: six high-definition 20 min youtube videos at once.  It was very good quality, while it lasted.
We’re meeting friends.  Not enough though.  We’re befriending the Aussies, the Kiwis.  We were invited to train with the New Zealand team tomorrow. 
After yesterday’s running, we felt a little tight in the morning; and feel good now.  The legs needed it.
We got free energy drinks with the pizzas.  Ingredients included nicotine (?), caffeine, torrine…  Erin:  Please tell me you didn’t drink them. 
Have to be careful about the amount of coffee before a race.
Tomorrow we’ll head out at 8:30 to do a relay training race with New Zealand on the Bankov map.  After lunch we’ll drive back to the long terrain and walk into the 2nd map; nothing intense, maybe a butterfly loop.
Friday we’ll try for another middle map, maybe 30 minutes.  On Saturday we’ll do the long model and sprint model.  Sunday morning there is a sprint model with a focus on the start procedure.  And then – we race!
Starting tonight, we’ll get good sleep for the next 3 days.  Erin:  being rested beforehand is even more important than during.

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Samantha said...

"Erin: Please tell me you didn’t drink them."

That sounds like a true team leader right there :) Please tell me you didn't... was a phrase that I seemed to use often... Keep up the good work, Erin! :)