Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sam 40th in the Long

Today was the Long Final, the last of the individual medal events at WOC, and the US cheer squad was out in force to cheer on Sam. It was a long tough course (check out the map, with shaded relief) and Sam finished the 12.4km course in 1:41:39, in 40th place, 26:32 behind the winner Simone Niggli of Switzerland (earning her 19th gold medal!). Of the run, Sam says "it wasn't all I hoped I could do, but it was the best I could do today." Team USA + fans are all proud of Sam, and especially her parents, who are at WOC to see her race for the first time in her WOC career.

Check out the full results and the gps tracking - all the runners in the finals wore gps trackers for live display in the arena, on the web, and on tv, and fans can look through all the routes and replay the runs at home as a simulated mass start.

Here's Sam in the finish chute:

Sam and Canadian Louise Oram drawing and discussing their routes right after finishing:

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