Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sprint Qual results

This morning was the Sprint Qualification race, with fast and furious courses through the campuses of the University of Lausanne and the Swiss Institute of Technology. Only the top 15 in each heat qualify for the finals, and qualifying today was very tough. Not a lot of mistakes out there, so the runners who made it in were clean and very, very fast. Ali was the only American to make it through today, though Sam was a heartbreaking 5 seconds away from qualifying in 16th place.

See all the results (PDF) or maps from the qual.

Boris tames his hamstring by warming up on the spin bike.

Peter from Kenya, happy to have successfully completed his first (and Kenya's first!) WOC race.

The world's longest map - 31m long! 

Eddie has a lot of great pictures from the Sprint Qual here


Donna Fluegel said...

You all know how loud I can shout, so here's a loud WOOHOO!! coming at ya!!

Isabel Bryant said...

Can someone describe what the area around nine looked like?

Good luck to everyone in the rest of the competition!