Saturday, August 20, 2016

Quick update after the sprint qual

Quick update from Strömstad:

Unfortunately none of the Americans made it through to the final this morning. Alex was our closest, 18th in her heat and only 15s back from qualifying position. No big mistakes, but she says, "I'm very proud of the first three quarters and I'd like a redo on the last 25%." That's a sentiment shared by several on the team, I think. (Alex wants to add that she's really excited to get into the forest.)

The course looked challenging and fun from the sidelines, taking people into the rocky coastal area after a lot of fast city running.

Ross: "I was pretty satisfied with my navigation and I never lost contact with the map. I missed the last (long) route choice. My speed isn't currently at the level needed to make it to the final but I'm very satisfied on a personal level."

An an extra pat on the back is in order for Will Enger, who got through his first WOC race with a smile.

The team is headed back to the city now for the Opening Ceremony and Sprint Final.

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