Friday, August 19, 2016

US Team arrives in Strömstad for WOC

Most of the team competing at this year's World Orienteering Championships in Strömstad, Sweden has arrived in our team accommodations and are settling in. WOC begins on Saturday with the sprint qualification in the morning and the sprint final, for those who qualify, in the afternoon. (See the whole program.)

This year's team:

Hannah Culberg (QOC)
Alex Jospe (CSU)
Kseniya Popova (HVO)
Samantha Saeger (NEOC / OK Linne)
Hillary Saeger (NEOC)

Giacomo Barbone (CSU)
Eric Bone (COC)
Will Enger (COC)
Ross Smith (CSU / OK Linne)

Cristina Luis is with the team as Team Leader, making sure the team gets to where they need to go, on time with enough food in their belly.

Sweden is 6 hours ahead of the east coast of the US, but as most of the program this year takes place in the afternoon there's no need for American fans to wake up in the middle of the night to follow the action!

You can follow the competitions live at the WOC Live Center.

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