Monday, August 1, 2016

WUOC Sprint 2016

WUOC Sprint

July 31, 2016

Maps: Women Men
Results: Women Men
Live page with GPS and splits and photos
Location: Lillafüred

The first race of WUOC was this morning, and there were some mixed results from our team. The women’s race was 3.3k with 115m of climb and 21 control points. The guys had 3.6k with 120m of climb and 23 controls. The terrain was essentially two flat areas connected by a steep hillside with hanging gardens. It was a completely urban area. Giacomo and Tori had strong runs today, coming in 71st and 37th respectively, only four and three minutes back from the leader. Alison had a solid race placing 56th with a time of 21:37, five minutes back. Evalin had a strong race today, however she accidently ran through the forbidden area along the river near control number five. She would’ve finished with around the same time as Tori. The three West Point runners, Sam, Will, and Trey were thrown into a very challenging, first international race today! They learned a few new things about races from their mistakes, and are excited about implementing them later this week.

Below are a few photos from the finish shoot. You can find more here .
Sam Finishing the race

Giac Finishng

We lucked out with the weather today: It only started really raining after all of the Americans had finished. After the races, the team grabbed some lunch at the arena and tried to stay dry. The runners who will be racing the sprint relay on tuesday headed into town to check out the terrain for the sprint relay. After returning to the hotel, Trey, Will, and Sam headed to the pool to cool down, and everyone else headed to dinner. Tomorrow is the long! Watch for Alison, Isabel, Michael, Trey, Will, and Giacomo.

By Izzy

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