Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ali 18th in WOC Long distance!

Alison Crocker had USA's best-ever finish in a WOC race today by coming 18th in the long distance final. She ran very well technically from start to finish and was helped by a great route choice on the long route from 10 to 11. She was 3rd fastest on that 14-minute leg and picked up five places in the standings. Congratulations Ali!!!

See below Ali's route (red) compared with the race winner and 22-time world champion Simone Niggli (green). Ali's split for the leg is 14:18 compared with Simone's 14:29! Only two other women in the final chose an around route similar to Ali's.


Eddie said...

I sure hope you guys are out celebrating right now!

Eddie said...

More discussion of the route in the worldofo article. I was looking at a combo of Minna's route, connecting to Simone's on the track up the middle. Wondered if anyone would go far right as Tove did. Did anyone else go that way?