Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Middle Finals

Most of the JWOC team was happy after finishing, feeling good about their races. Both our B final runners had really good performances. One of the best things about this trip to Europe is building solid friendships that will last a lifetime, and may build a base for the junior orienteering program. Tonight we had a dinner out at a restaurant, to celebrate the 5 members of our group who are aging out of being juniors after this year: Duncan, Danielle, Jake, Nate and Carl. In addition to the team, Coaches Erin and Anna, "Mama Bear" Marianne and me (Barb) and Dave, we were joined by Tim and Ben Parson, Bud O'Leary and Janet Swartz (Dan's parents), and Isabel's grandma and grandpa (Jan and Stan Moore).

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gg said...

Great results so far guys - keep it up!