Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ali 27th & Sam 38th in Sprint!

A best ever American finish for Ali today, 27th! And also an awesome result for Sam, the 38th best sprinter in the world!

Great day for Team USA!

Photos by Dave Yee.

Here's the map of the women's course, part 1 and part 2.


Donna Fluegel said...

This is an absolutely wonderful showing for our Team. Congrats!!

Chris Cassone said...

I can't tell you all how exciting it is to watch the stream and see our guys and girls. I was welling up a bit watching the Sprint (that announcer makes it soooo exciting, even in French.) Keep it up. You are all winners!

Barb said...

Ali & Sam, you looked great today! Congratulations on an awesome performance!

ernstL said...

Awsome performance Ali and Sam!
I saw you live on Swiss TV.
So exciting! Wished I was there.
The commentary was in Swiss German (fun for me, unfortunate for nearly everyone else).

I noticed several reruns on the schedule between now and Thursday.

Go to the Schweizer Sport Fernsehen website, look for "Program"

Folks at home: Remember to subtract 6 hours for the East Coast (9 for West Coast)
The schedule is in military time

Look for "OL WM Sprint Finale"

Then tune in "live" at the right time.

(Better: Call a Swiss friend, to provide some translation - not me, though..)