Friday, August 12, 2011

Long Qualification

WOC 2011 kicks off tomorrow morning with the long distance qualification race.
The men are racing 9.0-9.2km with 20-21 controls and expected winning times of 59-62 minutes. The women are racing 5.6-5.8km with 10-11 controls and expected winning times of 42-44 minutes. There are three qualifying heats for men and three for women, with 15 runners from each heat qualifying for Wednesday's final.

Here are the start times of Team USA competitors:

Alex Jospe, 11:33am CET (5:33am EDT)

Alison Crocker, 12:06pm CET (6:06am EDT)

Samantha Saeger, 12:42pm CET (6:42am EDT)

Wyatt Riley, 13:46pm CET (7:46am EDT)

Jordan Laughlin, 13:55pm CET (7:55am EDT)

Ross Smith, 14:49pm CET (8:49am EDT)

All photos by Eddie Bergeron.

Go Team USA!!!!

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