Monday, August 15, 2011

Finish Chute videos from Middle Q

Get a taste for the excitement in the arena as North American orienteers finish their courses! Barb Bryant has some great finish chute videos so you live vicariously through the fans on scene.


WOC 2011 08 14 Ali Crocker in the finish chute from Barb Bryant on Vimeo.

Also see Hannah, Alex and Canadians Louise Oram (who also qualified for the final) and Carol Ross.


Kissy said...

Thanks to all of the reporters from WOC. Between Peter's reports, all of the pictures from eddie and biggins and clem, the AP posts, and now Barb's videos, it's almost like we were all there with you. Thanks!!

Brendan said...

Sweet videos! Way more exciting than waiting for splits to reload :)

Good luck in the sprint! Looking forward to some more great footage!

Lennart said...

Under this link you can watch the sprint worlwide.....