Saturday, August 20, 2011

Men's relay - and they're off!

Ross is off on the first leg of the men's relay!

Added: Ross is in and has handed off to Jordan!

Added: Jordan is in but Canada has taken a small lead. Sergei is chasing down Will Smith on the last leg.

Added: Sergei is in, just ahead of Will from Canada!

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carlch said...

Thanks Team USA. You have been fun to watch all week. There were some really great runs and some not so great but we are proud of you anyway. I know it takes a lot of time, money, training and commitment to get to the World Champs so thank-you for doing that. And thanks also to the support crew (Cristina, Eddie, Peter, Clem), for the updates and pictures. It really makes watching from home entertaining.

Eric Bone said...

It was a tough day for the women, but it was great to see the men come in ahead of Canada!

Well done, Team USA, for giving it your best in some really, really hard terrain! Like Carl, I really enjoyed following the highs and lows and very much appreciate the journalism of the support crew.

Also, thanks to Beatrice and Sandra for serving as team leaders! This is the big and important job behind the scenes that allows the athletes to do their best.

Samantha said...

Our support crew was fantastic :) Thanks for following along and offering encouragement!