Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sprinting in the City

The sprints at the World Championships in Italy will be urban, and we can surely expect twisty city streets and some challenging route choices. Many of the sprints in the US have more of a forest feel, and even some of the urban sprints that I've attended recently don't give quite the same level of complexity (for example, this course from Uppland District champs from earlier this spring).

Sprint-SM i orientering from Robert Andersson on Vimeo.

However, there are plenty of tricky courses in city settings out there to study. The video above was made at the SM Sprint champs in Uppsala, Sweden, my new hometown, earlier this spring. I wasn't running in the race myself, but I did test several of the route choices in the weeks leading up to the competition and it was fun to watch the best in Sweden racing in my metaphorical backyard. Test your mettle with the H21 A final course in this Webroute.

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