Thursday, June 19, 2014

WOC 2014: T minus 15 days!

With 15 days left before WOC 2014 in Italy, Team USA is gearing up for the action and we hope the fans at home are gearing up for some very early morning spectating. Two weeks is plenty of time to start waking up a bit earlier every day, ready for those 4am GPS-track-watching sessions.
You may not get to see his smiley face or hear his quiet cheers, but you can pretend. (Ross Smith, relay WOC 2013)
Throughout WOC there will be info on this blog about starts and results, but here's a preview of the schedule:

Sat, 5 Jul: Sprint Q + Sprint F (Venice)
Sun, 6 Jul: Opening Ceremony
Mon, 7 Jul: Sprint Relay (Trento)
Tue, 8 Jul: Rest day
Wed, 9 Jul: Long final (Lavarone)
Thur, 10 Jul: Rest day
Fri, 11 Jul: Middle final (Campomulo)
Sat, 12 Jul: Relay (Campomulo)

And a reminder of who is running what:

Sprint - Ethan, Giacomo, Ross
Sprint relay - to be announced in Italy after the sprint (2 among, Eric, Ethan, Giacomo and Ross)
Long - Eric
Middle - Wyatt
Relay - to be announced in Italy (Pre-selection of Eric for a leg)

Sprint - Ali, Sam and Tori
Sprint relay - to be announced in Italy (pre-selection of Ali and Sam)
Long distance - Ali and Alex
Middle distance - Ali and Hannah
Relay - to be announced in Italy

Dust off the facepaint and get ready for some hardcore team support!


Barb said...

Awesome! Looking forward to following your racing.

Anonymous said...

How can the sprint relay girls team be announced in Italy but then preselect Ali and Sam? There are only two female spots in the sprint relay. Confused :/

Cristina Luis said...

"pre-selections are probable but may change depending on performance and discussions with individual athletes during the week."