Thursday, June 19, 2014

What awaits the sprinters? OUSA countdown to WOC!

This year the WOC Sprint Final promises to be a fantastic event, taking place in the intricate streets, crossing the numerous canals, of the fabulous city of Venice.

Hopefully there won't be any swimming involved. (Photo by: Wolfgang Morode) 
What's it like to sprint in Venice? It's amazing! Can't make it there yourself? Check out this training map and draw your own routechoices with webroute!

Map teaser. Click it! Go draw your routes! Don't be afraid!

The plan is to have a new map each day leading up to WOC for you to armchair prepare and get a bit of a taste of what the WOC athletes have ahead of them. Enjoy!

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Clare said...

I am so stoked to run the spectator race here. Thanks for the training map!