Friday, June 20, 2014

Who is the toughest? USA countdown to WOC!

The long distance final at WOC is a true test of endurance and the ability to keep your wits about you as you fight exhaustion. This year the long distance will take place in Lavarone, far from the canals and marshes of Venice and with just a few more contour lines to climb. You can see an old version of the map if you click this sentence.

A few weeks ago there were World Ranking Events in Italy on terrain relevant to WOC, with nice long courses on the Sunday. Like this one:

Blatantly stolen from Gernot Kerschbaumer's DOMA archive.
Today you can try your hand at picking route choices for the men's WRE course on the clock with the experimental RunningWild from WorldOfO. Go ahead, give it a shot! Click/think fast!

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