Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Good day in the long for USA!

Ali had the best run for the Americans today in a very physical long race at Lavarone. Her phenomenal 26th place, 12:20 behind winner Svetlana Mironova, will be tough to beat later in the week in the middle distance -- but we know she'll be trying! Alex and Eric also ran well, finishing in 52nd and 61st, respectively. Reports from the field are that all three are exhausted after a job well done.

A snippet of the women's course. Lots of brown lines.
Official results for women and men.

Maps for women and men.

This blogger is taking a break to sleep in the forest tonight. Tomorrow's a rest day on the WOC schedule.


Anonymous said...

Great running by Team USA! We're all cheering for you here at home, with some less vocal than others.

Any hints on who will be running in the remaining races (Middle and Relay) for the US?

Samantha said...

The middle post is up now, and we did discuss relays meeting this evening, but I'll leave that info for a more in depth post! Thanks for cheering!!

Stephanie Ross - OCIN said...

Way to go USA!!