Friday, July 4, 2014

Sprint Q start times for USA

Startlists for tomorrow morning's sprint qualification race for women and men are available from the organizers.

For Team USA we have (previous best WOC sprint result):

9:09 Tori Borish (first WOC!)
9:17 Alison Crocker (20th, WOC 2012)
9:27 Samantha Saeger (29th, WOC 2006)
10:08 Ethan Childs (first WOC!)
10:16 Ross Smith (Q21, WOC 2011)
10:36 Giacomo Barbone (Q33, WOC 2012)

(All times are Central European, so EDT is -6 and PDT is -9).  

Sam sprinting! (From
There are 3 qualification heats with 3 runners starting at the same time -- runners do not know which heat there are in, nor which heat other runners they might catch or be caught by are in. The top 15 finishers in each heat will advance to the final tomorrow afternoon. 

The O world has been buzzing about sprinting in Venice for two years! Now it's finally time to get your (crazy) sprint on!

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