Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ready for middle final!

There's one more individual race left in WOC 2014 and it's one that everyone loves -- the middle distance.

Here's a preview of the three runners to watch out for in USA gear tomorrow.

Ali in the Long Final (photo: Kenny)

Hannah Culberg
Start time: 12:13CET (6:13am EDT)
Club: Cascade Orienteering Club
Best middle result: Q19 (2013)

Fun fact: Hannah learned to orienteer while a cadet at the US Military Academy (West Point).

Fact: This is Hannah's 4th WOC.

Fact: Hannah is now an officer in the Army.

Fact: Hannah would prefer to be an officer in the Air Force.

Fact: Truthiness enabled on this post.

Ali Crocker
Start time: 12:55 (6:55am EDT)

Yep, Ali is running this one, too. Even without the qualification races the WOC week is a tough set of races! The Aligator is, however, up to the challenge and will surely be trying to better her 29th place from the middle final last year in Vuokatti.

Wyatt Riley
Start time: 14:38 (8:38am EDT)
Club: Delaware Valley Orienteering Association
Best middle result: Q30 (2009)

Fun fact: Wyatt is the only WOC team member who is also a dad.

Fact: This is Wyatt's 5th WOC.

Fact: Wyatt is a location engineer.

Fact: Wyatt has designed an ocular implant that interprets the orienteering map in his hand and wirelessly communicate instructions to a haptic compass worn around the torso.

Fact: It also ties his shoes for him.

As usual, live info should be available from the LiveCenter. The women start just after 12.00 (6am EDT) and the men shortly after 14.00 (8am EDT). Start lists for men and women.


Anonymous said...

Question, do the competitors with late starts have to sit in quarantine for (up to) two hours? How do you keep focused? (I know Alex had a late start in the Long.)
Janet T

Samantha said...

Hi Janet! I wasn't stuck in quarantine much this week, but I certainly have been in the past! I pass time by talking to the people around me. If everyone is sitting around for hours, most people are pretty chatty until the time when they start to get ready for their race. I know some people bring a book to read, but I've never done that.