Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Soundtrack to a Great Race

In baseball, players can choose a walk up song which is played over the stadium sound system when they enter the game. Orienteering doesn't have closing pitchers, but music still helps us set the right mood before our races. This year, for WOC, the team has been listening to a playlist of songs to get us into the racing mood. The songs on the list have been suggested by team superfans and supporters and we have been having great sing alongs on the long drives to our trainings and races.

We had initially thought to codify this list into a Mix CD (for all you kids out there, a Compact Disc is a way that ancient humans used to store and play music on car trips) but we found that some of the cars didn't have CD players?! However, all of the cars have a USB jack and so we have been playing the playlist off our phones. Thanks to the wonders of the modern universe we can bring this playlist to you, too:

Here is a link to the Spotify list where you can listen along to the "WOC 2014 Gelato Jams" list. Even better, this list is collaborative, which means that if you have a suggestion for a song that we should be listening to, you can go ahead and add it to the list! Go USA! and happy listening.


Samantha said...

Listening all the time!! Thanks everyone for your song contributions!

Barb said...

Izzy and I just had a great workout to this awsome soundtrack, thanks Ross!!!!!!!!!!!