Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Countdown to WOC - arrival to Lavarone

The forest team have arrived to the Lavarone plateau! Eric, Hannah and Alex are settled in and getting used to the terrains, and Wyatt is somewhere around here with his family; we'll all meet up somewhere tomorrow for training. (Possibly followed with a recovery gelato?).  Here are some photos, since we all know that's why you're here :)

Sunset in lavarone. 

Hannah points out that the open fields aren't all that open, actually.

Trail selfies!  Sigh, I'm a 13yo girl, apparently.

Nice beech forest! We're looking forward to orienteering in it.

Look ma, a cliff!

Looking toward the embargoed part of the map.

Sunset pretty done, now.

Colorful buildings!

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