Friday, July 11, 2008

Beat Canada Training

One of the goals of the Team at this year's WOC is to beat Canada in the relay. Of course we want Canada to do well (they're such a nice bunch of folks) but we just want to do better.

We did some relay preparation training today with a few short, forked loops on relay relevant terrain, courses set by Sandra. Each runner had two loops and there were two versions of each loop. The result was some fast and fun head-to-head competition.

Here's what one of the sets of loops looked like on the 1:15000 map west of Olomouc:

The first mini-mass start, complete with starting lanes:
Ross and Eddie warming up:
Cristina, Hillary, and Sam chilling after some running:

Joe hiding in the pit - the last control - with Evalin camouflaged.

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