Friday, July 11, 2008

Event Cheat Sheet

Just in time to study up before the first event (Sprint on Sunday), here's your "who's racing what" cheat sheet:

Sprint (Qualification and Final on Sunday, July 13)
Women - Samantha, Sandra, Hillary
Men - Eric, Ross, Eddie

Long (Q on Tuesday, July 15, F on Saturday, July 19)
Women - Sandra, Samantha, Hillary
Men - Eric, Ross, Clem

Middle (Q and F on Thursday, July 17)
Women - Sandra, Pavlina, Viktoria
Men - Eddie, Wyatt, Clem

Relay (Sunday, July 20)
Women - Samantha, Sandra, Hillary
Men - Eric, Eddie, Ross

1 comment:

torino said...

The blog is just great! I have started to check it regularly (that is, every few hours or so when I am at the computer)and I am really enjoying the pictures and comments. This gives me an idea how things are and it feels as if I would be there as well.
Thanks for doing it!!