Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sprint Prep

Tomorrow is Sprint Day, with the qualification race in the morning and the final in the evening. It should be a busy day, with no time for our sprinters to lose sleep between the events.

This afternoon the Team visited the model, which was on the edge of the embargoed competition area for tomorrow's final in the center of Olomouc. It should be a good example of the kind of mapping and features we should see tomorrow:
The quali is in Prostějov, about a 25 min drive from the accommodations. The women's race starts at 9:30am and the men's at 10:30am local time (EDT is -6 hours). Team USA start times:

Hillary- 9:32
Sandra- 9:39
Samantha- 9:49
Eddie- 10:34
Eric- 10:44
Ross- 11:03

You can keep up with the races on the WOC 2008 site on the online results page, which will have times from radio controls, commentary, and results. Yeah, it's in the middle of the night for you North Americans, but all the real fans will be there.

Wish us luck, skill, and speed!


Daria said...

Hey Team,
Good luck to everyone tomorrow! Run fast, run smart!

George said...

The link to the sprint is great. Can actually zoom in and see the controls. Should be a fun course;-}

Run well Team! Enjoy.

Judy K said...

Hello Team-

Good vibes are being sent your way!

All the best in the Sprint!

Judy and Jeff