Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"It was frustrating"

All the men are in now. Here's Eric at the finish, he's sitting at
20th now.


Daria said...

Yeah Eric, what a run! (and awesome, real-time reporting, btw! Thanks Cristina!)

torino said...

Oh rats, :-(. I was glued onto the computer screen changing back and forth between the different heats and radiocontrols. I've seen that Sandra made a 4min mistake on #83 towards the end. And she was not the only one who must have searched for that flag. And it looked very good for Samantha as well.
Eric writes about frustration. What was it?

Terry said...

Nice run, Eric! Of course I wanted you to qualify, but it's great that you had a solid run. I saw you advance from 24th to 20th after the radio control!

bishop22 said...

Nice efforts today, USA! I was up before 5am, just to catch some of the action online, and you all made it pretty exciting.