Sunday, July 27, 2008

WOC Recap

It's been a very busy month for the US Team, with a tough World Cup schedule immediately following the World Champs. And not much wi-fi! Hopefully the drought wasn't too painful. Here's a recap of results from WOC:

Sprint Qual:
A. Sandra- MP
B. Hillary- 25th
C. Sam- MP

A. Eddie- 35th
B. Ross- 25th
C. Eric- MP

Long Qual:
A. Sam- 17th
B. Hillary- 25th
C. Sandra- 18th

A. Eric- 20th
B. Ross- 31st
C. Clem- 31st

Middle Qual:
A. Pavlina- 21st
B. Viktoria- 29th
C. Sandra- 20th

A. Clem- 33rd
B. Wyatt- 34th
C. Eddie- 31st

Women- 21st (ahead of Canada)
Men- 26th (almost...)

You can check out all the results in detail on the WOC site.

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