Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do I see sexy?

For your viewing pleasure, Clem and Sandra model the newly unveiled Team USA threads:

Yeah, that's right. Hot.


kareninsweden said...

Not sure if you yourself can SEE sexy, and I will not comment on whether you SEEM sexy or not, but I will certainly say, that y'all look sleak and ready for some fast sprinting! Clean focused race vibes heading your way! BEST OF LUCK on Sunday!! Kramar från Karen

USA_JWOC2008 said...

I think Clem is sexy.

Janet said...

Cool threads! I really like this design. Will it become available to the general (US) public at some point?

Also, who belongs to the quilt on the bed on which Sandra is standing? :-)

torino said...

Wow, what a great outfit! Very good-looking, fast and energetic. Or are we talking about the model here ;-))?

pg said...

They look excellent!

Team USA said...

Janet: Not sure about future availability. We'll find out.

The 'quilt' on the bed is not actually a quilt, just a patterned comforter cover, this one on the bed of Hillary.

Karen: Are you questioning sexiness?