Monday, July 14, 2008

Tomorrow's starts

Team USA's long distance qual mastery begins at 9:32 local time (3:32 EDT):

Clem- 9:32
Hillary- 9:45
Sam- 10:03
Sandra- 10:09
Ross- 10:14
Eric- 10:26

Startlist for the men and the women.

Once again there will be live coverage at the WOC Center website. Go USA go!


Anonymous said...

Go Team USA!!

Cristina, thanks for the BLOG! It has been a fun way to follow the team.

Daria said...

Hey guys, good luck tomorrow! Go Team USA!
P.S. Also, could you send a quick update on any results/news by 12pm (6am EST)?

Daria said...

I meant, could you please POST a quick update on the blog?