Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Totally wicked cool!"

Sandra described today's sprint training as "totally wicked cool!" We ran around Brno, which was filled with people enjoying the lunch hour. Here's the map:

Our changing room/staging area was a lovely park bench:

And after the run the three sprint ladies discussed their routes:


Leif said...

An additional comment from this sprint training is that at one point the best route choice -between 9 and 10 - actually included going through a mall using the escalator to get to the ground level :)

Brent said...

Hey you guys,
I posted some pics from the training in Brno on my blog.
Thanks again for letting us tag along.

cmorse said...

on the Brno map there looks to be a lot of red - I'm assuming that perhaps this is 'trafficked' pavement and the more normal shade of light brown is pedestrian only pavement? Or maybe it was just a problem rendering the different shade of brown in a very reddish hue?

Team USA said...

Yep, the red is trafficked pavement. I found it quite distracting because red seems like it should be OOB or something, rather than a good place to run.